Welcome to the impact age.

The what & how in creating success will come with redefining the why behind business, companies and markets. In short; positive impact on many people generate higher customer engagement which leads to success as the world changes.

I speak and co-create hacks on the disruptive opportunities in the intersection of environmental science, tech evolution and visionary entrepreneurship. The secret sauce of successful disruption is made right here. 

I´m an entrepreneur aiming beyond sustainability in business, a contributor to why our society is transforming as fast as it is. Uniforms for the Dedicated, The Rag Bag and Dedicated Institute, are all in their different ways lifestyle brands and solutions built to reinforce planet & people. Right now I am co-creating something that will turn the industry of textile on its head. We will launch late 2017. 


hacks & advisory


Society is going through rapid changes, industries are being disrupted by entrepreneurs with grand visions and breakthrough technologies. Solutions to climate challenges and social impact is demanded by more people across the globe. Moving forward as a corporation in the 21st century you need to know why you matter and what positive impact your products have on society.


I bring together expertise in the intersection of environmental science, latest technological advancement and disruptive entrepreneurship to support corporations in building global relevance, contribution to and positive impact on society and its customers.


Tailored discussion keynotes, hackathons or advisory dialogue fit for your challenges and opportunities. I support your innovation process by raising your internal knowledge in and offering a method for leveraging the tools of environmental science, tech evolution and disruptive entrepreneurship as you reinvent your business to fit the demands of the 21st century.





The age of disruption

I speak about how you expand your leadership in the age of disruption. I pinpoint the opportunities that arise in the intersection of environmental science, latest technological advancement and disruptive entrepreneurship. Using science and case studies I map out what the secret sauce of successful disruptors is and what tools you can use to reinvent your business to fit the demands of the 21st century.

My keynotes are interactive and often in dialogue with environmental scientist Fredrik Moberg and tech visionary Ashkan Fardost.






Founder initiatives & companies


my journey

I am a serial entrepreneur & when I am done roaming this planet I want my actions to have supported as many people as possible to a safe life on a healthy planet. I believe the best way to such success is to build business that has positive impact on the planet. My vision is to enable as many likeminded people as possible along the way. 

Fashion, a $1,8 trillion industry, has been my field for almost a decade. It is the perfect example of how business as usual is no longer a possibility. Today I build climate positive textiles, because I love innovation and I´ve seen the destruction caused by our industry from the inside. I´ve co-founded From Air, Uniforms for the Dedicated, The Rag Bag & Dedicated Institute, initiatives built to serve the greater good of people and planet. 

My love for starting and building companies continues to give me the benefit of meeting, leading & learning from amazing people. My background is in behavioural science and I´ve learnt a lot about our needs, hopes & fears this past decade. 

I grew up in nature, it has always been my guide, mountains my place for adventure, it´s my spiritual home. Reenforcing that very home means everything to me. 

I believe the key to a healthy future for society & the planet is value based leadership and the courage to seek the unknown.  




You are very welcome to get in contact with me, for business or expansive dialogue. 
Reach me at hello@fredrikwikholm.com