Thank you Mother. For all. We will some day learn.

The ecosystems that we depend on knows no boarders, no cultures, no language, no religion. It knows no human fear, no amount of money, no social climbers, no refugees, no Swedes nor Americans. It only knows what we humans take and give. It only knows to include the contributors, exclude those who do not, it only knows to adjust, it only knows how to heal, with or without humanity as a part.

It is Dec 12th 2015, New York is facing a week of low 10°, high 17° C, lot´s of smiles on spoilt faces, such as my own. It is ironic that this delightful weather so closely correlate with more people fleeing and a new wave of fascism in Europe and the US. It is tragic that we focus on short term topics of protecting our boarders over longterm solutions of climate stabilization. It is tragic that the only way we got here in the first place was through community and working together. We just seem to have forgotten.

The growth of fear and the rise of those who capitalise on it makes a point of trying to shut out those who are already today severely hit by drastic climate change. The only effect of this focus is that more people will need to run, more people will need to open doors and boarders, more people will need to live far up the northern hemisphere.

We have a critical decade coming up ahead, a decade of government, politicians, corporate world, global leaders, start-ups, space cadets, people at large, YOU & I, US uniting to bend the curve of global warming. Not only for some unforeseeable future and the sake of saving key players in our ecosystem but to prevent our children from growing up in climate wars. Maybe instead to grow up in the shared abundance Mother Earth so kindly offers us on a daily basis.

This is way bigger then your fear of nationalities, religions, language, physical attributes, background, even individual intention. This is bigger then who you want as a neighbour. This is bigger then Trump, Le Pen, Lega Nord, Sverigedemokraterna, Dansk Folkeparti. This is bigger then France, USA, Germany, Saudiarabia or any other national state. The ecosystems that we depend on knows no boarders, no cultures, no language, no religion.The only way forward is to look beyond our differences, unite and hold the line for a happy life together on a healthy planet. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS MORE.

Share or not but more importantly decide why you are alive and what you want to contribute to those who are left to pick up the pieces of your actions.